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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Getting that first book written is hard to describe.  Being able to say I've written a book, pretty darned satisfying.   And then...  Publishing the first book is high up there, probably near the top.  It's so cool to see that first book and hold it in your hands.  Then comes the first book-signing where so many of your friends line up and buy your book.... Sniff... hard to explain how wonderful that felt.

After writing a handful of books, it's still uber exciting to get a book published and see that wonderful cover and hold it in your hands.   After publishing several books the excitement remains because each new book is such a big part of the author (I know I write dark fantasy and creepy critters), but really-truly these books are a big part of me.   Actually, I went to a psychic in Disney World in October and she shocked me when she said I had a dark side.  MOI?  Not really.... is all I could think.  But then, the psychic said, this dark side is vented by something you do creatively.  WHAT!?  How cool!  I told her I write dark fantasy books.  Well!  We chatted like crazy after that.

By now you're wondering what the heck does this have to do with wagons circling.  After the writing of books -- comes the reviews.  And while my hide is pretty darned tough, that very first review (if not glowing) slices into our tender, baby-fresh skin.   That's when you realize that being a writer is the best choice ever, because your author friends/critique partners/beta readers, etc. start to circle the wagons to buffer the blow of a less than stupendous review of your baby.  That's the benefit of being part of this amazing, giving, wonderful group of people.  We all want to see each other succeed, and as far as my industry friends go, they would more often than not drop whatever they're doing if any one of us needed something.  And a first review that stings?  The wagons start to circle and we form a supportive link that takes the sting out of almost anything that threatens our tender egos.

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Website coming

Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce a new website within the next couple of days.
And Grevellia's story will be continuing in the Fall.

This is Norah Wilson and Barbara Phinney and I at the giant
booksigning in Atlanta Georgia in July.  We had a great time.  I sat beside Lisa Gardner, who is lovely.
Her fans often wanted someone to take picture of them with her, so I was photographer
for the event.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do You Think We Look Alike?


Allison and I were at the RWA Conference in Atlanta last week.  On my way to the elevator bank I saw Allison and stopped in my tracks.  You know how sometimes a person will tell you that someone looks like you, but you don't usually agree....   I looked at Allison and I said, "excuse me, but do you think we look alike?"

She agreed.  There's more to the story.  We kept running into each other during the conference, apparently we had similar tastes because we were attending the same events and workshops, so finally I said to Allison, "We HAVE to share business cards and stay in touch."


When Allison handed me her card I tried to give it back.  I said, "Oops, I've taken my own card."  She said, "No, that's my card!"  We both had Goosebumps, let me tell you.  We look alike, we have the same business cards and we both write paranormal/romance books.  

Let's just say, we'll be staying in touch from now on.  I'm really happy to have met my Doppelganger.    And, like me, Allison is blogging about our meeting.  I just checked it out and it she captured the moment much better than me, but I have the pictures.  Hee hee  Here it is....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shadowed - Online Serial - Part 6

Grevellia raced through the house. After she checked every room she tore outside again. Her heart raced while she surveyed the perimeter of the house. Shit! She strode to the side of the house and found fresh footprints in the soft earth near the living room window.

Big feet. Definitely a male. Her stomach twisted.

Someone had been standing here looking inside. Goddamn it! A freaking peeper? Or someone worse? Hair curled at the nape of her neck.

Barely keeping herself from panicking she squeezed her hands so tightly her fingernails bit into the palms of her hands. It grounded her enough to figure out what had happened to Verbie.

She’d known something was off all day. But she expected anything but Verbie being kidnapped. Why? Why would someone do that?
She stared down their quiet street.

Hell, she’d moved here because it was a good neighborhood. She’d even checked records at the precinct and had found out there’d been less calls from this location than anywhere else in the city. She’d promised herself she’d give Verbie a good home. A place where she could feel loved.

Energy built inside her until her body felt like it was on a low hum. She needed to do something! Whipping her cell phone out of her pocket she started to dial. Her hands were shaking, she could barely hit the buttons.

“Aunt Grev? What’s wrong? You look like you’ve been run over by a Mack Truck.” Verbie walked along the sidewalk toward her, hoodie over her head and her shoulder scrunched up around her ears as if it was below freezing.

Relief rushed through Grev, then anger. She shut off her phone and rammed it back into her pocket. “Verbie, oh my God, kid, I thought you’d been kidnapped.” Not holding herself together now. She knew she was losing it, but had a hard time getting a grasp on her shattering fear.

“What? Why?” Verbie asked.

“You weren’t home. I found footprints outside one of the windows. Someone was watching from the side of the house. I thought they’d taken you.”

“Crap. I had the feeling I was being watched earlier, but put it down to being nervous at home alone.” She looked suddenly guilty. “That's why I followed you. I didn’t want to be alone, Aunt Grev.”

Verbie never called her Aunt unless she was being extra honest. That bit Grev to the bone and her gut twisted again. She glanced down and saw a pizza box in Verbie’s arms. The same pizza place she’d just left. “How’d you get that? I was just there. I didn’t see you.”

“I went to the bathroom. Just came out when you were leaving, I tried to catch you but I was too slow, you were driving away before I got outside. So I headed for home right away.”

Grev’s shoulders slumped. “You should have called me.”

“I tried. You didn’t answer.”

Grev glanced down at her phone. She’d put the ringer on mute when she was on surveillance and hadn’t turned it back on again. Grev had royally frigged this up. As it was, the poor kid had separation issues thanks to her nearly non-existent mother. Verbie constantly needed to know someone would be there for her. Grev wanted to give her that stability. But damn it, she’d failed Verbie tonight.

Grev reached out and wrapped her arms around Verbie. Not easy to do with a pizza box between them. “Oh doll, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have even gone out there tonight if I didn’t need the scratch. I have bills due, and this gig covered the lot.”

“Sorry, Grev. I didn’t want to make you feel like you can’t do your job at night time.” Verbie’s voice came out squeaky like she wanted to cry but was holding it back.

“Oh hon, it’s my fault. Next time I do night surveillance, we’ll make sure you can stay over with one of your girl-friends. I won’t leave you home alone again.”

She felt a shudder go through her niece. “Good idea.”

Grev pulled Verbie toward the house. “What kind of pizza did you buy? We’ll be eating pizza all week.”

Safely inside, Grev eyed the street before locking the front door. Someone had been outside their house. But who? And why?

Kindle Nation Daily

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