Sunday, December 18, 2011


This summer my husband and I were dropping off some things to our local Salvation Army.  As you might guess, I have more books than the average person, so I was glancing around to see if I could donate a few when I spotted a bookshelf.  My gaze immediately gravitated to what was sitting on the top of that shelf!  A painting.  A painting with sunflowers and a stack of books piled on a table.  It felt like a gift for me -- and me alone.  I couldn't get across that room fast enough to snatch up my beautiful little find that cost me a whole $3.00. 

When I got home, I immediately hung my newfound treasure on my office wall. Then I set out to find the artist and ask if she still paints.  Much to my amazement I was able to find her.  I learned that the painting I bought is one of only three paintings she did for an arts class in University. She doesn't paint any longer.  I hope my interest and love for her art has changed her mind, one never knows.  But I look at my lovely little painting every day, and appreciate what she created in that class.