Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shadowed - Online Serial - part 5

His gaze shifted left then right.  “Yeah, I’m still into computers,” he said.  “Hacking mostly.”
            She nodded.  The tone of his voice told her he was on a job.
            “I should have hired you to help me find out who set me up before I had to leave my job, “ she said.  Why hadn’t she thought of that? Purportedly a wizard at computers, his undercover work usually had a computer connection one way or another.
            “I’d be happy to do that, Grev.  When this job is done.”  He touched her arm and leaned in as if to kiss her cheek.  “Get the hell out of here!  Now!  You’re in big-time danger here, Grev.”
            She smiled at him.  Didn’t give him away.  “Call me some time, handsome,” she said and made a show of looking at her watch.  “Look, I gotta go.”
            She turned and walked away.  She had no intention of getting herself into any more trouble.  She had Verbena to consider.  If anything happened to Grevellia, Verbena would have to go back to her hard-assed, nasty grandfather.  No way she’d let that happen.  Plus, she didn’t want to give Vince’s cover away.  His eyes had been pleading with her to go.  Whatever he was working on had to be nasty.
            Hell, she hoped he wasn’t in trouble because of her showing up.  Maybe she should have stayed and helped him?  No.  He’d had every chance to tell her he needed help when he’d whispered in her ear.  He just wanted her out of there.
            Grev made it to her car quickly.  She keyed the ignition and pointed her vehicle in the direction of home.  She thought about lack of dinner and figured Verbie hadn’t eaten either.  She pulled into a Pizzeria on the way and grabbed an extra large pizza with the works. 
The pizza smelled so good.  She hoped Verbie was extra hungry because if not, they’d be eating it for days.        
            Turning off the car she looked at her place and frowned.  The lights weren’t on in her townhouse.  She glanced at her watch.  Yeah, it was late, but Verbie had only left her to go home a short while ago.   It was only a couple of streets over, she should’ve made it home safely.
            Grevellia dropped the pizza on the kitchen table.  “Verbie!  Verbie, did you go to bed?”
            It felt like her voice echoed back when no one answered.  Verbie wasn’t here.  She knew it the minute she saw the house with no lights. Holy shit! No!  She shouldn’t have let Verbie go home alone.