Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Black Moon Awakening has a new book cover.   I love it.  Those of you who've read the story will totally get it.  It definitely mirrors the story inside.


COMING SOON... An Online Serial Story

I've also just revamped my webpage. AGAIN.  It's always a work in progress, but I'm happy with its format right now.  That said, for next few months I'll be visiting my daughter (out of the country) and won't have access to my web. So, my news and book information will all be coming to you via my Blog.   In the new year, I'm also going to try and suggest articles and news sites that I've found helpful.  Writing is an ever changing industry, especially these days. Finding good tidbits of news should be shared.  :)

I'm also considering writing an online serial story.  Crazy right?   Should be a challenge, but I'm kind of looking forward to trying something new.  Right now, my biggest decision is whether it should be paranormal or mystery?  Then I'll worry about the bones of the plot.

If you'd like to help me decide, please send me your choice, Paranormal or Mystery.  

Hope you've all managed to get your holiday shopping done.  Take care, and keep an eye out for my serial story coming soon...