Saturday, November 19, 2011

New TV Series Grimm

Did you like the Brothers' Grimm?  Who was your favorite character?
There's a new tv series "Grimm".  If you haven't seen it yet and you like dark fantasy, I recommend you give it a try.  It's a police procedural, a definite draw for those of us who like cop shows with a little something, something added in.  The hero is a Grimm, a monster hunter who hunts down creatures that only he can see.  It's an interesting premise. 

Maybe I like it because my vampire hunter series (Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter) is also a police procedural with vampires.  I think it adds extra interest when there's a secondary story running parallel to the paranormal elements.

If you've found a new TV show that really good, I'd love to hear about it.